Alison Armao & Gudrun Kaiser

Leader of the Pack HHI - Dog Training Team

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“Every dog starts life with a blank canvas. His destiny etched by the hands of the painter, and each one an artist’s original. The portrait painted depends on how the brush is held. Paint with hostility, and a dog learns to fight. Paint with cruelty, and a dog learns to fear. Paint with anger, and a dog learns aggression. Paint with praise, and a dog learns confidence. Paint with boundaries, and a dog learns respect. Paint with tenderness, and a dog learns to bond. Paint with affection, and a dog learns to love. Every dog is a product of its environment. Bad dogs are not born, they are created." - Jodi Preis -

We believe that dogs are amazing beings. No other species on earth is as physically diverse, no other species is used for such a wide array of tasks and no other species has such an intimate and dynamic relationship with humans. Sometimes the fact that humans and dogs speak a different language can be a barrier to maximizing that relationship. At Leader of the Pack Dog Training Team HHI we speak dog. We understand dog behavior and learning theory. Most importantly, we know how to effectively and humanely change behavior, so you can have more fun with your best friend. We know you love your dog and want the best for him or her. Anyone who loves their dog is okay in our book because we love dogs too. We believe in positive reinforcement for everyone, so we strive to make sure that the training is as stress-free and rewarding for humans as it is for dogs. Listening to your concerns, understanding your needs, and helping you become your dog's guide, teacher and best friend are our top priorities. Our mission is to help.

​The truth of the matter is that all the problems that dogs get into are just dogs being dogs. Our job is to teach your dog how to be a dog in this human world.  Dogs are individuals and our methods are unique unlike the one-size fits all approach.  Balanced training takes into account several different approaches to training and uses them according to what will be best in the end for the dog and the owner. We believe in giving you all the tools that are available to help dogs learn while helping you learn when to use them appropriately. 

Any breed. Any size. Any age. 

Wag more. Bark less.