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Electronic Collar Training with us:

Training will usually take 3 to 5 days for one command or to correct one particular behavior. The time needed depends on the dog and how well the dog responds to the training. Our prices are dependent on what you want to have accomplished and how responsive your dog is. Before we commit to e-collar train your dog we will meet you and your dog for an evaluation. We usually make an appointment and come to your home. Once we have determined that an e-collar is suitable for your dog we will schedule the training.  Your dog will stay and live with us for the e-collar training. Staying with us causes less interruption in the training. You will be able to pick up your dog as soon as we accomplished your training goal. If you are out of town and need to leave your dog with us after training is completed you will only be charged for boarding until you pick your dog up. We will stay in touch with you and will keep you updated about your dog’s progress. We will work with your dog throughout each day multiple times for 15 to 20 minutes per training session. After each training session your dog will have some yard and play time with us, and will have time to relax.

We use the e-collar as a training- and communication tool and not for punishment. We use it for guidance, motivation and correction. We always teach the dog the command or wanted behavior without the use of the electronic collar first and as the next step we use the electronic collar as an extension of our voice, rewarding the correct and wanted behavior with treats and praise. E-collars get a bad reputation because of accessibility and lack of knowledge. People have to understand that we use the electronic collar to guide your dog to make the right decision regarding a command he/she already knows. Too many times, people just go to the store, place any e-collar on their dog and just expect it to work. Part of our work is to educate owners on proper use of a high quality, long lasting, durable e-collar. All of our personal dogs are electronic collar trained. Dogs are worked on the lowest frequency possible. We work with a specific collar that also has a vibrate function. Our goal is that over time your dog will do what is asked of him/her by using only the vibrate function. The vibrate function has no electronic stimulation. Our electronic collar training is not about breaking your dog’s spirit.  We will make sure that there is no change in the dog’s personality, you will only get a better behaved, happier dog. The e-collar can give you both much more freedom and security for walks off leash on the beach or on hikes. Hilton Head Island is the perfect beach town for you and your dog. Being able to let your dog run free on the beach is an amazing way of exercising your dog. We are firm believers that “a tired dog is a good dog” and so many behavioral issues can be avoided by giving your dog adequate exercise.

The e-collars we use are waterproof and have a ½ mile range. It may be used to call your dog if he/she swims out too far in the ocean or he/she just won’t come out of the pool. Our e-collar training adds to your quality and enjoyment of your life together. We will finish the training with “owner training” to teach you how to work the transmitter and e-collar. This training session will take about 1 – 1 ½ hours.  After your dog is e-collar trained you will have many more possibilities to go places with your dog and enhance the quality of your life together. The electronic collar may also be used to correct unwanted behaviors. Jumping on people, jumping on furniture, wanting to meet every dog or person on a walk or on the beach, excessive barking, dog reactivity, chasing cars, bad leash walking manners are examples of behaviors that you can change with an e-collar trained dog. After we trained your dog, and you have had the owner training lesson with us, you will be able to use the e-collar inside and outside the house.

We do not recommend that you just purchase any electronic collar and try to train your dog yourself.  You can do a lot of physical and mental harm to your dog if the collar is not introduced correctly. Please leave the electronic collar training up to professional dog trainers like us who will come and meet you and your dog in person first. We know what we are doing, we developed a very unique way to train your dog, and we are very cautious in the way we use an electronic collar. We take pride in our work keeping families and their pets together by helping to create happier, healthier and safer lives. Please check out the testimonials on our website at and read more about our happy clients.

Please contact us through our website with any questions you might have and to set up an e-collar evaluation appointment. Thank you for trusting us with your precious family member.

​Please go to our testimonial page and read more about happy dogs and happy clients after our electronic collar training as part of their obedience training. Here are three of many:

When we got Zena—our Red Doberman puppy—from her experienced breeder, we were told, "she's a thinker, and a terror." As Zena grew older, that assessment proved true in all sorts of ways. Intelligent, decisive, and outgoing, she played energetically at daycare and in dog parks with other dogs, but in our home community she would growl and bark at dogs and people too. After puppy classes and basic obedience (in which she did well), adolescence hit with a vengeance. Finally we decided that positive reinforcement couldn't be the whole story in dealing with this Doberman's determination and focus: We turned for help to Leader of the Pack. Alison and Gudrun explained that Zena is a very confident dog—and that this is a good thing!  We needed to find ways to "tone her down, which would be easier than building her up. After about a month of serious leash work, at Gudrun's suggestion and with her instruction we decided to try an electric collar. Used correctly, this tool has provided the stick which, when used in combination with praise-and-treat carrots, helps her break her focus and listen to commands from us.  She no longer barks uncontrollably at cats, squirrels, and dogs she doesn't know. She sits on command and does not jump up on people when she meets them. Her recalls are solid even over long distances and with other dogs around. She heels pretty well when there are distractions—even inside and behind a shopping cart at Home Depot. She will do a down stay in our community office and in other locations. In short, at fourteen months, she's well on her way to being the confident, outgoing, happy, and pleasant dog we want—thanks to the help and encouragement of Gudrun Kaiser and Alison Armao, the great trainers at Leader of the Pack. We recommend them without reservation and look forward to working with them as Zena grows up!
Patricia and Elaine 

Family outings are now fun.  Thank you Leader of the Pack
I've owned 2 labs for as long as I can remember.  Currently I have a 9 and 2 year old. Both have wonderful temperaments but are overly friendly and curious. Labs need training to contain their enthusiasm. My vet recommended Leader of the Pack, Alison Armao and Gudrun Kaiser. I was tired of being pulled down the street when another dog or person walked by.  We couldn't walk on the beach and enjoy it.  Who wants to keep a tight leash on a dog when you want them to get exercise and enjoy themselves.  I moved close to the beach so we could all enjoy it. Both dogs have been through training with LOP.  Initially we started out with private lessons in basic obedience and then the “puppy” went to group training to learn and socialize.  They did well and I saw improvement but we all needed more training so I turned to Alison and Gudrun. They suggested ecollar training.  I had experience with an invisible fence but not ecollars.  I was skeptical and worried because I didn't want their spirits to be broken and fear being walked.  Alison and Gudrun convinced me this training would cause no harm and in fact make all of us happy.  They were so right.  So off they went.  Bix and Call spent a few days being trained.  Movies and pictures were sent by Alison and Gudrun everyday so I could see the progress which was very reassuring. After their training then it was critical that I got trained.  This was probably the hardest training for Alison and Gudrun,  but I finally got it.  Now Bix, Call and I are out on the beach everyday.  We are all finally realizing the dream I had from the beginning when I moved.  Tranquil and fun walks on the beach! Wendy, Bix and Call

I would like to recommend Leader of the pack training school for dogs. Alison and Gudrun were superb in their approach to our 9 month old puppy. Our dog is a naturally shy and timid dog so, we needed someone that would take their time training her and not try to rush her to much.  Gudrun was very cautious with her and did not break her spirit.  She kept her motivated and happy while she was learning.  Alison continued to work on her traditional commands and also training on the beach.  They both gave our family a tutorial on commands and guided us through the process.  The training has given us the freedom that we wanted with our dog.  It is also a great comfort to know that her behavior is appropriate whether we are on the residential path or on the beach.  THANKS So MUCH!  Bella's mom & family​

Alison Armao & Gudrun Kaiser

Leader of the Pack HHI - Dog Training Team