Gudrun grew up in the South of Germany and worked for 18 years for corporations and different companies using her Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Administration and her degree in Hotel Management & Hospitality.

In 2001 she was presented with a great career opportunity which led to a position as a Marketing Director and Business Manager for a Real Estate Company in South Florida. The economy collapsed in 2007 and she decided it was time to follow her heart to a new calling in life.

Throughout her childhood her family had dogs and she spent many memorable summers with her grandparents who had hunting dogs. Coming from an avid family of dog and animal lovers her love for dogs grew stronger throughout her life. Gudrun found her passion. She packed up and moved to the Lowcountry in South Carolina where she was finally able to live her dream.

Since 2007 she has fostered over 300 rescue dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. The majority had medical and behavioral issues. For over eight years she has shared her life with blind, deaf, disabled, aggressive, under socialized, fearful and shy dogs.  Gudrun shared her home with them, gave them care, love and a family until they found their forever homes. If the dogs did not find a new happy home she provided hospice care for the remainder of their lives. All of this experience has given Gudrun incredible insight and knowledge into dog psychology, dog behavior, dog well-being and pack mentality.

Gudrun and Alison met in 2007 when Gudrun adopted a deaf dog. Alison taught both of them sign language. Soon it was apparent that they shared the same love and passion for animal welfare. Alison eventually became Gudrun's mentor and they teamed up to temperament test, evaluate, rehabilitate and train her foster dogs to become good family members so they could be easier adopted. This included house- and crate training, puppy training, obedience, behavior modification using only positive and rewarding training methods for their rehabilitation. Offering education and training for dog owners became an important part of their work. Gudrun says that working with dogs and their owners is the most fulfilling work she has ever done and it became her true calling.

In 2015 Gudrun became Alison's full time Dog Trainer Associate & Business Partner of the Leader of the Pack HHI Dog Training Team. Her goal is to successfully create happy, loving and lasting relationships by educating and training dog parents and work with their canine family members. Through guidance and help for dog parents and their dog(s), Gudrun feels that she is working at the root of the problem helping prevent families from surrendering their beloved pets to shelters. Surrendering a dog is a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. Gudrun's mission is not to judge people, it is to help people and their dogs to have a long and happy life together. 

Understanding your dog, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect. Gudrun agrees with dog trainer Victoria Schade: "It became clear to me that in order to have happy, frustration-free partnerships with our dogs, we need more than just love and training. For a relationship that truly thrives, we must cement a bond with our dog built on trust, mutual respect and regard. No matter how good your dog passes any test or any obedience school, if you fail with first building a relationship, you will always have problems communicating with your dog on any level. Love is what makes your dog dance when you come home at the end of the day, while the bond is what keeps him from taking off without you when the front door opens." Gudrun believes that a properly trained human can be a dog's best friend.

Gudrun is a Professional Member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She is certified in Dog First Aid and Dog CPR. Gudrun is a Member of Therapy Dog International with Piper, a dog she personally trained. Besides working with dogs and teaching Puppy, - Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience and Advanced Classes alone or side by side with Alison, Gudrun attended many different lectures/workshops/seminars regarding behavioral issues and training, learned the "do's and dont's" by observing the work of other dog trainers/dog behaviorists and dog handlers. Over the years, Gudrun has studied the methodologies of industry leaders in positive reinforcement and behavior. She believes that there is always more to learn. Different methods can achieve the same goal and it is important to know which approach works best for each family and their individual dog. She considers it her job to be creative to find what approach will be most effective for the dog she is working with. She will continue on her path of educating herself to educate and help dog parents and their canine family members to keep families happy and together.

Here are some of many testimonials about her work and different classes:

"Gudrun is intuitive regarding different people and their personalities, as well as animals; and when she picks up a dog or cat into her arms, one can see how they immediately calm down and nestle against her with trust. They must sense that she knows what she is doing, and that she is in charge and, again, can be trusted. It is a privilege to put Gudrun's name on our "We'd Recommend" List. If I were a bank, I'd give her a loan. If I were a business person, I would take her on as a partner or employee. If I wished to board or work with a pet, Gudrun would be my choice."

"Our experience with Gudrun Kaiser has been excellent. We engaged her services for individual private sessions (with heavy emphasis on Service Dog Training) for our Golden Retriever puppy as well as group puppy classes and intermediate obedience classes with Leader of the Pack dog training. Gudrun's training is well informed and very effective. Gudrun exhibits a rare combination of sensitivity, compassion and firmness when needed for both the dog and its owners. She is patient and caring and has a great sense of humor. We highly recommend Gudrun Kaiser for any level of training. Thanks, Gudrun, for all your help."

I am delighted to provide you with a reference. I thought your class last week was one of the best obedience classes I have participated in. Your activities were varied and fun. I know my dog was challenged. In addition, I felt the skills we worked on were all important to forging a bond between dog and owner in “real life” situations. Thank you. Barbara

Craig, Poppy and I enjoyed the puppy obedience class that Gudrun taught last week.
She did a great job of reviewing all the commands we had learned so far. She communicates to humans and dogs alike in a clear, gentle and fun way. Thank you Gudrun! Elizabeth and Craig

I recently participated in an Advanced Obedience class taught by Gudrun Kaiser.  This instructor's class was dynamic, challenging, educational and fun all at the same time.  The class had great momentum as the instructor continued to provide feedback, constructive criticism, and creative ideas and solutions for current and future work with my dog. Mame

(Please visit the testimonials page for more about Gudrun's & Alison's work)

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

Alison Armao & Gudrun Kaiser

Leader of the Pack HHI - Dog Training Team